Ad’s With Good Visual Design

An old ad that was printed in Rolling Stone magazine in the past year or so is by far one of my favorite print ads. Mini Cooper printed an ad in the center of the magazine using both pages. The staples were orange representing cones on a driving course. There was nothing else but a few skid marks and a Mini Cooper. The rest of the page was all white, which I think made it stick out more, it is simple yet effective. The ad is trying to reach people looking to purchase a smaller sized vehical to fit in smaller or places or to just have a unique car. The size of the car and the orange staple represents contrast. The challenges the campaigns are trying to address is that Mini Coopers are just unique cars that can fit around just about anything. They do this by showing the car in advertising in unique ways. This is a very effective way of advertising because the viewers remember the car and the ad’s by their unique advertising.

Another ad that shows good visual design is Jeff Cooper Designs. Jeff Cooper Designs is a jewelry store that uses repetition in showing their ad’s. The ads are pretty simple; they show a ring with some text that usually stands out and grabs your attention either by humour or something touching. Jeff Cooper Designs is obviously reaching out to people thinking about buying engagement rings. They address this by having fine print underneath the picture of the rings saying “full line of wedding and engagement ring.” They also address this by showing the rings and text that goes along with getting married. On Ads of the world there is four similar print advertisements side by side of Jeff Cooper Designs, and that is how I came to the conclusion that they are using repetition to reach out to customers.

These are both really effective ad campaigns in my opinion. They are simple and they both have unique ways of providing the viewers with an image or phrase that sticks with them.

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Heinz Ketchup

Heinz Ketchup is Americas favorite ketchup. There is not to many households you can walk into today and not be able to find a bottle of Heinz ketchup. It is the main preference of ketchup among children as well as adults. That is why mostly all of the restaurants and fast food resturants provide their customers with Heinz ketchup. Heinz will use cartoons in their ads with the text reading “you can’t eat without it.” Using the cartoon shows that they are targeting young children and their main goal is to make Heinz ketchup children’s favorite ketchup. The text “you can’t eat without it” shows that they want people to not want to eat food without it especially kids because they are the easiest to target. The ad also shows a bottle of empty ketchup with Daffy duck cooking in the pot and Yosemite-Sam angry because he is not going to have Heinz ketchup to use after he cooks the duck making him not want to eat the duck anymore. Not only does this ad target children, but it targets adults as well because they use the Looney Toons as the cartoon in the ad. Adults and children can relate to the Looney Toons because their cartoons have been around for so long. Heinz ketchup then becomes a social need at an early age, and sticks as a social need for the rest of people’s lives. Heinz ketchup has really evolved around people’s lives because so many people prefer Heinz ketchup, that it is almost frowned upon to not have Heinz ketchup.


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The Apple iPad

An ad that really caught my attention this past week was the apple iPad. I saw the advertisement on television about three times this past week and it stuck with me ever since. The commercial is very simple, but yet very effective. The ad shows the iPad with a person’s finger and the person going through some of the many tasks that the iPad can do. The advertisement could not have been more than thirty seconds long which I think makes it so effective because it shows how fast a person can perform these tasks. Consumers today want the fastest performing gadgets that can do the most tasks. For example, someone may use an iPad to work on a paper for work, update their Facebook status, write a blog, buy plane tickets, and then enjoy reading one of their favorite books. All of these things and many other things can be done quickly and from the same small machine. This is what really caught my attention was seeing how many things the iPad could do in such a short period of time. I am sure you can not get from one task to the next as quickly as the advertisement made it seem, but the amount of time they show the advertisement along with all the tasks is what makes people believe that they can do it that quickly. If I had the need and the money for an iPad I probably would have bought it within a few days after seeing the advertisement. They are reasonably priced compared to laptops and netbooks, however I already have a laptop and a cellphone that perform all the tasks I need right now. Therefore there is no need for me to purchase an iPad. 

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Does Advertising Shape Culture or Does Culture Shape Advertising?

I think that both instances can occur where advertising can shape culture, and culture can shape advertising.  Advertising is a very powerful tool because more than likely it is going to have a huge impact on sales. When people see an advertisement that they like they may be persuaded to purchase that item because of the advertisement.

Children are a key factor when it comes to advertising shaping culture because marketers target children. When something becomes a big hit among children, almost every child has to have that item. Examples would be GameBoy, POGS, and Furbies. These examples are all out dated now, but I remember when parents where paying hundreds of dollars for Furbies. The advertising shaped the culture by persuading everyone to “have to have a Furby or Gameboy.”

Culture can shape advertising by marketers targeting specific people in a culture. This is called a target market. Marketers will aim their products towards a customer’s age, gender, where they live, etc. Coca-Cola for example alters contents such as sugar in their cola to satisfy the wants of the consumers in different cultures. Apple is another example; they use asian males in the PC vs. Mac instead of the American males we see. This makes the advertisement more targeted towards the asian population. Apple also does this for other countries as well.

Advertising can shape culture and culture can shape advertising. Culture is one of the main ingredients to advertising because without advertisers understanding the needs and wants of a certain culture then their product will most likely fail. On the other hand, advertising can also change a culture with the advances in technology and newer products.

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