Heinz Ketchup

Heinz Ketchup is Americas favorite ketchup. There is not to many households you can walk into today and not be able to find a bottle of Heinz ketchup. It is the main preference of ketchup among children as well as adults. That is why mostly all of the restaurants and fast food resturants provide their customers with Heinz ketchup. Heinz will use cartoons in their ads with the text reading “you can’t eat without it.” Using the cartoon shows that they are targeting young children and their main goal is to make Heinz ketchup children’s favorite ketchup. The text “you can’t eat without it” shows that they want people to not want to eat food without it especially kids because they are the easiest to target. The ad also shows a bottle of empty ketchup with Daffy duck cooking in the pot and Yosemite-Sam angry because he is not going to have Heinz ketchup to use after he cooks the duck making him not want to eat the duck anymore. Not only does this ad target children, but it targets adults as well because they use the Looney Toons as the cartoon in the ad. Adults and children can relate to the Looney Toons because their cartoons have been around for so long. Heinz ketchup then becomes a social need at an early age, and sticks as a social need for the rest of people’s lives. Heinz ketchup has really evolved around people’s lives because so many people prefer Heinz ketchup, that it is almost frowned upon to not have Heinz ketchup.


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