Ad’s With Good Visual Design

An old ad that was printed in Rolling Stone magazine in the past year or so is by far one of my favorite print ads. Mini Cooper printed an ad in the center of the magazine using both pages. The staples were orange representing cones on a driving course. There was nothing else but a few skid marks and a Mini Cooper. The rest of the page was all white, which I think made it stick out more, it is simple yet effective. The ad is trying to reach people looking to purchase a smaller sized vehical to fit in smaller or places or to just have a unique car. The size of the car and the orange staple represents contrast. The challenges the campaigns are trying to address is that Mini Coopers are just unique cars that can fit around just about anything. They do this by showing the car in advertising in unique ways. This is a very effective way of advertising because the viewers remember the car and the ad’s by their unique advertising.

Another ad that shows good visual design is Jeff Cooper Designs. Jeff Cooper Designs is a jewelry store that uses repetition in showing their ad’s. The ads are pretty simple; they show a ring with some text that usually stands out and grabs your attention either by humour or something touching. Jeff Cooper Designs is obviously reaching out to people thinking about buying engagement rings. They address this by having fine print underneath the picture of the rings saying “full line of wedding and engagement ring.” They also address this by showing the rings and text that goes along with getting married. On Ads of the world there is four similar print advertisements side by side of Jeff Cooper Designs, and that is how I came to the conclusion that they are using repetition to reach out to customers.

These are both really effective ad campaigns in my opinion. They are simple and they both have unique ways of providing the viewers with an image or phrase that sticks with them.

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