The Apple iPad

An ad that really caught my attention this past week was the apple iPad. I saw the advertisement on television about three times this past week and it stuck with me ever since. The commercial is very simple, but yet very effective. The ad shows the iPad with a person’s finger and the person going through some of the many tasks that the iPad can do. The advertisement could not have been more than thirty seconds long which I think makes it so effective because it shows how fast a person can perform these tasks. Consumers today want the fastest performing gadgets that can do the most tasks. For example, someone may use an iPad to work on a paper for work, update their Facebook status, write a blog, buy plane tickets, and then enjoy reading one of their favorite books. All of these things and many other things can be done quickly and from the same small machine. This is what really caught my attention was seeing how many things the iPad could do in such a short period of time. I am sure you can not get from one task to the next as quickly as the advertisement made it seem, but the amount of time they show the advertisement along with all the tasks is what makes people believe that they can do it that quickly. If I had the need and the money for an iPad I probably would have bought it within a few days after seeing the advertisement. They are reasonably priced compared to laptops and netbooks, however I already have a laptop and a cellphone that perform all the tasks I need right now. Therefore there is no need for me to purchase an iPad. 

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